Centuries ago, the Kashmiris discovered the warm, soft fleece of the Pashmina goat and began spinning it by hand into yarn. The yarn was then woven on village looms. As the weave took shape, it meshed in their tales of love and their expressions of the land’s ethereal beauty. And the very unique, very magical Pashmina shawl was born.

Ever since, Pashmina has been woven and spun in the Kashmir valley through the centuries. Its legacy has been kept alive by Kashmiri weavers, who are the seekers and keepers of this ancient skill. One generation hands down its skills to the next and in this manner, the pristine beauty of pashmina and all her mystic brilliance is preserved for posterity.

The incomparable warmth and softness of pashmina comes from the hand-spinning and hand-weaving process that goes into its making. This hand-made production process makes the pashmina more premium than the machine-made cashmere.

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